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Heat pulses from a surreal scene

Within the glowing red, white

And black burning limbs,

Spurting licks of yellow flame,

Sparks darting merrily from the core

Remind me of the sun from whence it came

Float up, then disappear

In the overhanging firmament

Where countless stars live and die.

A sudden CRACK!

As a settling log

Stirs my mind

And brings me back.


We glow content in the radiant heat

Sharing a yarn

Or just the silence of our company;

The chill creeping

From the alien emptiness behind,


Beyond our world

Of homely fire-lit sand

Where our like-minded faces

Share this earthen , sandy place

As the dancing shadows

Connect us to this land


Fur Fox Sake! Update

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Early one morning

Just as the sun was falling

I heard a maiden calling

“What the fox going on?”

And I said to her

“Don’t you worry my dear

They’re just burning off the Amazon,

Destroying trees by the ton”


The apes of this planet

Aren’t very clever

They engage in Arms races

And stuff up the weather,

Elect bad apes for leaders

And you say

“How can this be??!”


They’re always on Twitter

Or watching TV

Have no bloody idea

Of what really matters

As they stuff up the land

And leave it in tatters.

There! I’ve had my say ;

Keep it short, keep it sweet!

Turn up the air-con

And try to survive

By God!

It’s a great time

For being alive.

Fur Fox Sake!

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 10.15.06 AM

The apes of this planet

Aren’t very clever

They engage in Arms races

And stuff up the weather,

Elect bad apes for leaders

And you say!

“How can this be??!”


They’re always on twitter,


or watching TV

Have no bloody idea 

Of what really matters

As they spread over the land 

And leave it in tatters.

There! I’ve had my say;

 Keep it short and sweet;

Turn up the air-con

And try to survive.

By God!

It’s a great time 

For being alive.

Lady Luck


I passed a man as I went by the Art’s Centre.

He sat there

Where there are lots of people passing by,

With a sign asking for money.

He’d been made redundant.

Work for the past thirty years had been his life.

He had nothing else.


I asked him “Why do you sit here dressed in your suit

If you are no  longer working?”

He nodded his head erratically

In a shell-shocked sort of way

And said

“What else am I to do with my life?

I am empty,

But I still have my pride.”


He wasn’t acting 

It was not an act.

And my heart went out to him.


Years before,

Passing through Las Vegas,

I saw a beggar’s cat on a pedestrian overpass

Lying on a blanket wearing Gucci sunglasses.


You see,

You need a point of difference

If you’re going to graft money on the streets.


Las Vegas is a city of fortune and misfortune.

When the gamblers are lucky, so are the beggars;

A bit of a cut-glass diamond,

Showy but not very nice.

Drive through the darkened back-streets

Just off the strip

Past the corner bail-bond agents and pawn shops

And you’ll know what I mean.

By all means drive 

But never , ever walk.

Luck is not a lady you want to entice.

For if you strip her  out of her party dress

And put her in her street clothes,

You will call her “fate”.




Moondine Joe

Moondine Joe

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Let me tell you a story about a fellow I know 

A lovable natural borne looser, named Moondine Joe;

Moondine ,after the bunch of Aborigines he is said to

 have hung around with

 And Joe; you know short for John


Yes Moodine ! reputedly a bushranger

 More a harmless thief with a peculiar ability to

 Antagonise authorities than a stick-up man.


 A man of mediocre sense!


He probably would not have been transported

 And received a lesser term if he hadn’t

 Mouthed off at the judge so much

 Protesting his innocence



So in Western Australia he resorted mainly to

  Duffing cattle and sheep

 Once when caught with a stolen horse

 On which he put his  mark

He got caught out and he ended up in gaol

But no gaol could hold Moondine Joe 


He escaped from his cell,

 Rode off with the horse and the

 Magistrate’s saddle and bridle as well

 Killed the horse and cut off its brand

 So there was no evidence ;

 Resulting in  a much lesser sentence ,

 with only the saddle and bridle

 To  hang on his head.


His continuing stints in gaol

 And repeated successful attempts at escape

 Proved to be an exemplary example

 For other prisoners  to try to emulate


This made him the darling of the public and the press

 Much to the chagrine of the screws;

 So much so  that his security was severely tightened

 And the Governor Of Western Australia;

 John Hampton , who wasn’t the brightest of chaps,


Challenged “If you get out again, I’ll forgive you!”


 He did,    and he was;

 -was free again


How did he do it you may ask?


I can give you one example:


 They put him in the gaol yard

 In a corner breaking rocks

 Which he built up in a heap

 While swinging occasionally at the wall.

 You can imagine their despair

 When they looked behind the heap

 And he was no longer there


A sizable escape hole

 Had been dug right through the wall

  And Moondine must have felt pretty good

 When through it he did crawl


 He spent a few more years in and out of the can

 Until he married a widow named Louisa

 And on the straight and narrow

 Thanks to a good woman

 Spent his remaining years fossicking for gold


Unfortunately Louisa died in her forties

 And that unhinged him

 He ended up dying in the Fremantle Lunatic Asylum

 Leastways , that’s what I’ve been told




 Even in the asylum, he managed to escape.



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She was prim and short and proper

Was Millicent Mary Moon

But the locals just called her Millie

She was the backbone of Yeppoon.


Whether sorting goods down at the Op shop

Arranging flowers for the church,

Baking cakes for market stalls

Or helping neighbours in the lurch

You’d think she had no time left at all!


But she always found a way 

With a kindly little word;

Always dressed so very neatly

And as lively as a bird.


If you needed someone to talk to,

She’d sit down and take a chair.

Take a moment to hear what ailed you

And reassured you just by being there


That everything would be okay.

Not just with empty words,

But thoughts and suggestions

That would help to save the day.


Yes a fountain of care and action

Was  Millicent Mary Moon

And they all thought kindly of her!

She was the backbone of Yeppoon!

Sources Of Conflict

Sources of Conflict


I was having a cup of coffee with the Tally Ho guys this morning and we got to talking about the Vietnam War and conscription because we are of that era and then onto wars in general


And as we were decrying the cost of our submarines and how quickly they become obsolete , one of the guys asked why we even need them


So I explained to him, to my understanding they were like ballistic missile launch platforms that can be quickly deployed and can be very hard to find; much like a queen in a game of chess they can threaten and control a lot of territory and so maintain the status quo on  the basis of the MAD  premise,


And I mentioned Russia and how important sea ports  eg Vladivostock, St Petersburg and  Tartus in Syria and Sevastopol in the Ukraine

-are for providing rapid deployment of these nuclear armed subs for countries like Russia

-as Russia is by in large a land-locked and in Winter, Ice-locked nation.


We also talked about the rise of Authoritarianism , in Russia , many Third world or developing countries and in China especially with Xi Jing Ping being made a leader for life.

This lead to us discussing China’s increasing influence in terms of both cybersecurity, military build up and expansion of influence into the South Pacific and  Indian Ocean and Xi’s Belt to Road economic expansion policy.


While historically from my naive point of view  China has in recent centuries ,not appeared to be particularly interested in military expansion and has been relatively peaceful; the combination of Authoritarian control, military build up and Xi’s Belt to road policy does raise warning bells; first economic expansion and indebtedness and swift transport links that can then be used to swiftly aid military expansion if they so chose.


We witnessed it particularly in the First World War ; how industrialisation, steam power and  rapid deployment of railway infrastructure enabled swift deployment of troops to where they were needed.


Not that Xi Jing Ping seems to be particularly bellicose  but when you combine that with their lack of democracy, and  cybersecurity meddling you can start to have doubts.


We then talked about the need to have checks on the balance of power between the major militarised nations through alliances with other Nations so that no particular Nation has the military ascendency and decried what has happened with an Australian terrorist killing fifty odd peaceable muslims in their mosque when we have the world’s largest Islamic country a few hundred kilometres to our north-west. What do you do?


Throw in climate change and what that will do to  world economies and world coastal populations ( and that’s where most of them live ) and we potentially have big problems.


And the intransigence of western industrialised governments in dealing effectively with Climate Change , abandoning fossil fuels and pursuing renewable sources of energy.

 If we can harness renewables especially Solar and wind, find a way of storing the energy for when it is needed and do this at a low cost then the power struggles that go on over control of fossil fuels between the powerful industrialised nations  should cease as every country, no matter how small or large can harness renewable energy and Climate change can be halted at best or maybe even reversed.

The world should become a more peaceful place.

What about all the coal , you may say and the cost to our Economy?

I think the cost to our economy is far greater in relying on a economy based on digging stuff out of the ground rather than developing an economy based on cheap renewable energy that will enable us to be more competitive in producing goods and services for export.

Leave it there ! Climate change doesn’t recognise borders.

China is expanding its renewable energy industry and phasing out fossil fuels as quickly as possible and looks like leaving the USA far behind economically.

Renewable energy is already cheaper to produce.

The cost of renewable energy  is decreasing rapidly and I am told solar and wind power are already more economically viable than fossil fuels.

The adoption of cheap renewable energy should lead to a vast improvement in the world economy not just that of the industrialised nations whose power has been based on access and use of fossil fuels ; It should  also help with the problem of decreasing availability of water through making desalination of ocean water much more readily available for poorer nations.


What’s stopping us? Maybe storage issues  but we are rapidly coming to terms with that and making it economically viable.

 To not pursue renewable energy and to persist with fossil fuels is a one-way path to conflict and in a very real sense, extinction; no wonder our kids despair the troglodites and those with vested interests in the old order.


And the kids are taking action.


They should have our full support.